SB-Hexadecimal Editor

SB-Hexadecimal Editor is a tool that allows you to view or edit the raw contents of a file.  Editing files is simple, works like most text editors.  You can use SB-Hexadecimal Editor to analyze files, patch ROM files for emulators. 


· Hex and ASCII displays

· Data Explorer to view decoded values

· Works with large files.

· Two synchronous cursors in Hex and ASCII modes

· Search ASCII or Hex strings

· Count occurences of ASCII or Hex strings

· Replace ASCII or Hex strings.

· Fast Replace All

· Copy block to Windows Clipboard

· Fill block with data

· Wheel mouse support

· Simple protect mode from saving changes if just testing.

· Bookmarks

Minimum System Requirements

·  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7

·  64 MB RAM

·  800 x 600 display using 256  color

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